“Our branding is Orange, but the objectives are Green”

ORANGE DELTA is founded in 2015, resulting from an increased awareness of the global energy consumption and the potentials for energy reduction and / or efficiency improvement. In addition, the application of sustainable- or renewable energy is often under utilised and we are convinced that this can be explored further.

With our Dutch engineering background, and more than 15 years of experience in managing complex projects and operations globally, we have a solid knowledge base and network which enables you to focus on your core business and ORANGE DELTA as partner in implementation of renewable energy solutions. We are based in Singapore, covering the Asia Pacific regions.

“Our Solutions are Turn-Key”

ORANGE DELTA believes in Turn-Key solutions. This means that we will not just provide you with concepts and recommendations, we will take care of the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPCI/M) of the proposed solutions, upon agreement with our clients.

In order to assure we are aligned with our clients during the course of the project(s), regular progress and interface meetings will be held. This prevents misunderstanding and surprises, assuring project delivery in time and within budget.